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The site is your business card

Always in line with trends

You must also give importance to the layout of your site or company logo to be visible and catchy : taking care of every single detail will allow you to get noticed by the community and differentiate yourself from competition.
Restyling starts with the study of your target audience first. It is essential to identify those you want to address, as it helps us to understand the tastes, habits that will be useful not only in terms of visibility but later in marketing strategy.

SWD WEB: restyling siti internet

Winning and responsive graphics for your brand.

We analyze your old site by identifying its weak points to turn them into winning ones. We offer a design appropriate to your brand identity, which can be used on any type of device such as a notebook, smartphone or tablet.

SWD WEB: responsive
SWD WEB: posizionamento restyling

Advantages of restyling

Not only does restyling have advantages related to communication and image but also to the positioning of the website on search engines. In fact, keeping constantly updated allows you to be more visible on Google

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